Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata (Women Are Honored Where, Divinity Blossoms There)

Copied from one of my friend’s article, and sadly its true!! If you really want to help a girl, please help her this way. This will be far better than any debates, punishment, media gatherings and protests.

We’re the culprits – Protest against yourself

Rape by definition is a crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will. Since last few days, I am seeing everybody getting extremely angry about situation in the country after a teenager was brutally raped in the capital city. Everyone around me, my parents, my friends, my colleagues, and almost the entire city and the country is asking for the strictest of punishment for this act. But, is that the solution? If the _problem_ lies just in this one-shot activity, where the person forced the girl against her will, then punishing the culprit might be the solution.

However, rape is not a one shot activity. We prepare our children for rape throughout their life. We, at our home, schools, work-places & in the society _prepare_ our daughters, throughout their formative years, to undergo a mental, psychological and eventually physical rape. Similarly, we prepare our sons as well, throughout their formative years, to get indulge in this act of physical and psychological rape of the other gender.

From the childhood days, we train our boys that you are strong; don’t behave like girls. From the childhood days we train our girls that they love playing with dolls, soft things. Power toys, we say, are meant for boys only. Every action of ours at our home, directly or indirectly, tells a boy that he is different from his sister, and is stronger than her and has to protect her; the sister is weak. Think about things happening in your home – EVERY SINGLE ACT is like this. Every such action of ours gives message to our daughters that they are weak. Only a boy can play football or cricket. Only a boy is allowed to go and openly drive a bike or scooter. By the time the boys and girls are over 10 years, their minds are already tuned to this that males are stronger in the society, females are weak.

How many of our parents (all of whom are there to protest at India Gate) are willing to end all sort of disparities between girls and boys. After marriage, girl has to move to boy’s house, can we change that? No – we think of fuc***g society first. We think what society will think – in everything we do. And, later we say my girl/our girls are getting raped.

Today, I ask my parents and relatives and their friends – isn’t the problem of gender differences and inequality starts at our home and continue for lifetime? The solution lies at changing the mindset of ours, our sons and our daughters so that girls feel stronger in the society and boys feel equal to girls and not stronger. Think of it – Every day, we train the brains of our children so that when they are grown up they indulge in these act of rape (physical or mental) – A rape that a girl has to undergo every passing day in this society.


Jahan badal gaya

Purani kitabe jhaadi, kuch fate panne aur tasvireen gir gayi
Kuch baat thi unme khaas k aankhen nam ho gayin.
Dost ne poocha aisa kya hai inme jo achanak aankhen bhar aayin.
Ab kaise samjhayen inhe k ye panne nahi ek dastaan hain
aur ye tasveeren nahi wo haseen lamhe hain
jinki ek jhalak saamne le aati hai un beete palon ko
jo afsaane ban chuke hain…
aaj phir taaza ho gaye! yekaek sab saamne aa gaya
aur main is jahan se door dusre jahan chala gaya.
Yaad aaya wo din jab khidkiyan khol k barsaat ki ek ek boond ka lutf lete the.
Chai ki pyaali khaali hone se pehle hi bharwa lete the.
har ek chuski mein kuch naya nikal k aata tha.
phir wo chaahe shayeri ho ya gazal. Mazak banakar logon ko satana.. phir bura maan ne par unko manana. Kitna aasan hua karta tha tab manana.
Abhi us jahan ka asar zehan ko chuua hi tha k achanak kisi ne haqeeqat se saamana kara diya.
wapas naye jahan mein lauta diya.
Jahan roz dikhavati duniya se haath milate hain.
Achanak se sab kuch door ho gaya… Jo pyaar tha wo naasor ho gaya
Yaha narazgi mein bhi banavat hai aur manana to jaise kisi ko aata hi nahi.
Dil todne mein sabhi ustaad hain, dil jodne mein koi nahi.
Ye baat ehsaas karane lagti hai k ab aap bade ho gaye ho.
Aur yehi hai wo duniyadaari jiski samajh bachpan se di jaane lagti hai.
phir aap kahin gachha khaate ho to koi sambhalne nahi aayega
Ho sakega to dhakka maar kar girayega. Aur galiti se koi uthane aaya to ehsaan k saath kuch alfaaz lagayega k pehle na samajhne ka nateeja dekha.
Koi nahi jaanega k ye dil naadan hai jo gustakhiyon se hi seekhta hai aur aaj bhi unhi lamhon mein jeeta hai.